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At Hacienda La Paloma we specialize in catering and group events at the restaurant and off premise. We have various packaging to suit your needs. Feel free to give us a call at 914-864-1750 to discuss your next event.

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When you visit Hacienda La Paloma you immediate can see our dedication to authenticity. It starts with the decor and shows through in every single dish we serve. Take a minute to browse some of the fabulous dishes we prepare and see for your self!

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The name Hacienda La Paloma conjures Mexico, where magic & joy are a part of everyday life; a time of splendor & avant-garde; a unique art of colors & mystery.
Mexican food is a ritual of flavors, aromas, colors and textures dedicated to the soul. Our intention is to rescue that authenticity, and to explore one of the most wonderful culinary niches in the world. Remember, just because you have had a taco or enchilada does not mean you have experienced true “Mexican food.” It only means you have scratched the surface of Mexico’s traditional culinary delights…

Hacienda La Paloma is the 10th business venture run by an honest first generation immigrant family. During their 45 years in the USA, they have learned how to please their fellow Americans and share their culinary cultural heritage with them.